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 The 30 Day System That’s Opening The Door To Getting 

High Ticket Clients Filling Your Schedule On Autopilot.


One Month To A Perfected Offer That Will 

Elevate You Above Your Competition, Effortless Scheduled Calls 

Without Social Media Hustle, And Letting 

You Get Back To The Part Of Your Business You Love.

Rachel Hohlweg

Missouri, USA

Zeeshan Ali

Islamabad, Pakistan

What we're about to show you is going to separate you from your competition and make you the ONLY option for your clients to get real results.

You think you have a good offer now? We're talking about turning your current strategy on its head to have clients filling your schedule ready to learn about your one of a kind service the first time you ever hear their name. 

As a coach, when you MUST focus on what drives you, what makes you tick and what you love, not chasing down leads. The money that follows is the easy part.

How would it feel to never have the anxiety of reaching out to another cold client?

Imagine the first time you ever talk to a customer is AFTER they’ve added themselves to your schedule eager to hear about your service and ready to talk about how you are going to change their life.
What if people came to you already understanding how you help and seeking you out
How would life be different if your offer was so unique you could be the only way for these people to get real help and you’d never be compared to another competitor as a viable option?❓
You already know you’re the best at what you do, or you wouldn’t be in business, but you work so hard getting them to believe you. What if you didn’t have to
What would your life look like if you took all that stress and labor out of your day and could really focus on your clients

Let's talk about a way to have as many clients as you want. 

Let’s get off the hamster wheel you’re on and start getting the income and life you deserve.

So let’s start at the top… 

Your offer is good or you wouldn’t be in business, right❓ 


Your PRODUCT is good. Your Service is good, what you bring to the table is good. 

But there’s a problem with how you bottle it up and present it to a client.

We need to craft your offer into something 100% original and impossible to replicate❗

We need to sniff out the magic in what you do behind the scenes. 

We need to take that wonderful process of yours and turn it into something your market has never heard of… 

Then we marry it to a price point deserving of such an amazing service.

A killer offer is not enough to get clients anymore.

They’ve heard too much, been approached too many times, and they do NOT WANT to be SOLD

Clients know how to do research and find a cheap solution to any problem.

If you’re offering the same solution as someone else, they will circumvent your program

Even though you’re the avenue to success for them. They just won't be able to get out of your way and let you show them.

Your offer has to be something nobody would ever be able to find a comparable service for

A new and amazing way to solve their problem that’s revolutionizing the market or industry.

Even if you think your service is simple or self-explanatory, trust me it’s not and we’re going to prove it to you.

You may think because you don’t know us, and we don’t know you that we can’t speak to your market as well as you can. 

We don’t know the business as well as you do. We won’t understand your company........WRONG Again :) 

We’re the team of bloodhounds sniffing out the magic in your company and showing your clients how much they want what you’ve got. 

We work exclusively with coaches and consultants and help them bring in the automation and income and take out the stress and manual labor.

So let's talk about removing that stress and manual labor. 

Right now, you’re probably getting referrals and reaching out on social media via blogs, posting lots of content, reaching out to potential clients, adding them as friends, commenting on their page to build relationships, using complex webinars or funnels, and writing gobs of content.

The idea is to generate clients without any out-of-pocket income, ad account shutdowns, learning advertising platforms, etc…

You’ve probably generated some clients this way but here's the problem with this form of outreach… 


Clients are getting wise to it,

They’re wary of friend requests and people being kind for no reason and their defenses go up.

You deal with hateful comments and responses and wake up knowing you’re going to have to “hunt” down your next client. Ick.

Don’t get us wrong, you can get clients this way, but what does this do to your quality of life

Are you happy waking up knowing that drudgery is coming with no end in sight❓

If there was another road, would you take it

It’s been said countless times, but let’s hear it again: 

“People Hate To Be Sold But Love To Buy!”

The game completely changes when the client comes to YOU and asks to speak with YOU.

We are experts at generating interest and educating the clients so they come to you excited instead of defensive.

Let’s take you from the annoying door-to-door salesman to the decked-out apple store with a line around the block waiting for your next big product.

Let us help you do what you do best because we know you didn’t start this consulting business to hustle on the social media hamster wheel of soul-crushing anxiety-building hustle.

Our Team has helped generate over

17 MILLION US Dollars in sales online. 

Creating irresistible offers and automating the filling of your schedule is our specialty.

We know how hard it is for business owners to make time for everything AND have a life.

This service isn’t free, BUT a consultation is.

We will explain how we can help your company specifically and show you how most clients make their entire investment back before we even finish your marketing copy with a few easy techniques you can implement immediately.

You’ve got nothing to lose and 

your entire quality of life and 

business to completely CHANGE.

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